>How do I turn my expertise into passive income?

 9th August 2007 by gihan

>I am an expert in my field and want to learn how to get passive income from my wealth of knowledge. Google me and you’ll find a lot of hits! I am one of 20 experts worldwide and have loads of credibility, earn good money when in front of groups training, but am keen to generate more passive leveraged income – from websites, books, ebooks etc. What is the best way to do this?


Get active first (which it sounds like you’re doing already), and then progress on a path to passive income.

The people who do succeed at Internet marketing start with a market-first approach. Those who fail start with a product-first (or service-first) approach. So be careful if you’re an expert! If you’re a speaker, trainer, consultant, coach or author, you might have a tendency to go for the product-first approach – and that could cost you dearly.

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