>What currency should I use for quoting prices?

 1st August 2007 by gihan

>I want to sell my distance learning course for £397 but it is an international audience. If I put the price in dollars it looks a lot higher as the number will be nearer $716 which looks a lot higher than 397 on paper. Should I keep it as £ but have currency converter next to it showing various other currencies?


Personally, I think you’d be better off considering the value for money you’re offering, rather than the currency.

Is US$716 good value for the material? And does it stack up well against the prices charged by other places offering the same education? If so, then it makes sense to quote in US dollars (assuming that’s your main market). In fact, it’s BETTER because you’re quoting a price in a familiar currency to them.

I think this is more important than the 397 vs 716 issue. People who buy your course probably buy other things on-line, so they know about currency conversions, so they are not going to be “tricked” into buying something just because it says 397 rather than 716.

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