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 3rd October 2008 by gihan


When people search the Web, most of them are asking the question “How can I do X?”, not “Where can I buy X?” If you treat your site visitor by answering their question rather than promoting your service, you’re serving them better. You’ll also be way ahead of practically everybody else in your market! While they’re pushing products, you’ll be building high-value relationships.

To do this, you must position yourself as an expert. Because people tend to buy experts for their expertise, not for their price, it’s far easier for you to later sell your products and services. If you require a heart transplant, you don’t say “Get me the cheapest heart surgeon!”

Here are four simple ways to demonstrate your expertise on the Internet.

1. Publish a Newsletter

Follow these three rules:

  1. Get permission before adding anybody to your mailing list.
  2. Deliver value (not just advertising) in every issue.
  3. Write shorter newsletters, more often.

2. Write Articles

The best articles address problems your clients face in their lives. So forget about the features of the services you offer, and go right back to the problems they solve. If you get stuck, ask your clients!

Then write an article that describes the problem and its solution.

I can give you a couple of formulas for writing your articles, but really this isn’t rocket science! Just write about the problem and give a simple solution for the reader.

3. Write a Blog

A Web log (blog) is like an online journal. When used correctly, your blog can be a powerful marketing tool for your business.

One easy way to write a blog is to answer the most common questions that people ask. Again, you’re tapping into their problems first, and showing your expertise in solving them.

4. Write a Free E-Book

E-books are a great way to promote your expertise, your business, and yourself – for a very low cost. You can sell your e-books, of course (and I do). But I recommend the very first e-book you write is one you give away on your Web site.

Again, focus on your clients’ problems, and write an e-book that solves them. In fact, if you’ve written articles about these problems, just bundle them together into an e-book!

Remember – You’re An Expert First!

If you’re just the same as everybody else, you’ll be compared with everybody else – on price, quality, speed of delivery, client service, and so on. On the other hand, when you establish yourself as an expert, your expertise will count for more than any of these other factors.

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