>Social Media Predictions for 2009

 31st December 2008 by gihan

>Social media grew up in 2008. In 2007, it was mostly the playground of the younger generation, with things like Facebook, Myspace, YouTube and Twitter being seen as fun time-wasters for personal use. But now it’s a serious and essential part of a business’s marketing campaign.

In this e-book, Peter Kim asked a number of Internet marketing experts for their take on where this is heading in 2009.

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One thought on “>Social Media Predictions for 2009”

  1. Philip Calvert - Internet Marketing Expert for IFAs says:

    >Very interesting – thank you.

    The future for many businesses lies very much within niche social networks, which ultimately will have far greater appeal for people within specific jobs or professions. Such niche networks are allowing people to interact and engage with each other at a much more meaningful level. What’s more, suppliers to specific professions can use niche networks to target their communications very much more accurately.

    Financial services is a good example of niche online social networks in action. IFA Life for example is a financial social network where financial planners and wealth managers can network with each other, share best practice and debate industry issues etc online. Consumers also use IFA Life to find a financial planner in their area.


    Thanks again Gihan.

    Philip Calvert
    Sales and Online Communication Skills Speaker

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