>Your reputation can be made – or destroyed – online

 26th January 2009 by gihan

>Two recent news stories caught my eye because they relate to the importance of building and maintaining a strong on-line reputation. In particular, they highlight the problems of trying to trick people on-line. If they catch on, the bad news will spread fast.

In the first story, a clothing brand created a fake YouTube video to promote their brand. Unfortunately, they picked the world’s worst actress to act in the video, so it was clearly a fake and the subject of much derision. The advertising agency were forced to come clean, and created a follow-up video to try to limit the fallout. But the damage had already been done.

In the second story, an employee at technology company Belkin was caught out paying people to write positive reviews of Belkin products. Even after an apology from the Belkin CEO, there seems to be fresh evidence that the employee himself was writing positive reviews under false names.

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  1. ChrisP says:

    >Here’s another “astroturfing” (fake grass-roots) campaign that’s
    recently been busted

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