Professional Speakers – A Protected Species Fast Becoming an Endangered Species

 10th November 2009 by gihan

A few weeks ago, I attended Matt Church’s excellent two-day “Speech Building Boot Camp”, where Matt laid out a 27-step process for crafting a powerful presentation.

It was so methodical and logical that it got me thinking, “Gee – anybody can present a brilliant speech using this method!”

But that’s not true.

The process was for writing a speech, not for delivering it. When it comes to delivery, you need other skills. Different skills. Skills that most people in the world don’t have.

We’re lucky as professional presenters, because we do easily what most people are scared to death to do: Stand up and speak in front of a group.

Even though other people might have better ideas, or be more passionate about something, or can write more goodly than we can, most of them can’t present it well.

It comes naturally to us (after years of hard work, of course!), and it gives us a BIG advantage.

Until now.

The Internet has changed all that.

We still have that advantage over most people, but it’s becoming less and less relevant. Why? Because they have other ways of getting their message across to people.

Take Natalie Tran, for example – Australia’s most-watched YouTube user:

Whenever she publishes a video, she gets over half a million hits – sometimes over a million (This is my favourite, by the way).

She doesn’t do it for money (In fact, she turns down advertising and sponsorship offers). She does it because she has something to say and she’s found an audience on-line.

I’ve never seen Natalie Tran make a live presentation, so I don’t know whether or not she’s a good presenter. But who cares? She’s found a different delivery style, and she’s a star!

What about YOU?

Are you embracing the new opportunities the Internet brings you for delivering your material? This is not just about using the Internet as a marketing tool; it’s also about using it as a delivery tool.

Here are some examples:

  • On-line video (like Natalie Tran)
  • Creating on-line PowerPoint and Keynote presentations
  • Converting your material into iPhone applications
  • Conducting webinars
  • Using on-line forums and chat rooms to facilitate discussions
  • Delivering audio and video (not just text) e-courses

If you’re resisting them, I’m worried for you. I really am. The Internet isn’t going away. Our status as a protected species is rapidly dwindling. Do nothing and you’ll be an endangered species instead!

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