>We Know Where You Are

 22nd April 2010 by gihan

>Location-based Internet services make our lives easier, but also pose some risks and dangers. In this episode, we look at ways of maximising the benefits while minimising the risks.

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  • Facebook updates, Twitter tweets, LinkedIn updates, etc. can all be done from mobile devices. This doesn’t necessarily include location information, but users often do voluntarily disclose their location directly or indirectly
  • YouTube videos can be geo-stamped
  • Photo-sharing sites allow geo-tagging.
  • For sites like Foursquare and Gowalla, your location is the main feature
  • Conference attendees often tweet to a Twitter back-channel during the conference. Indeed, some conferences actively encourage this now.
  • Internet/GPS-enabled heart-rate monitors can post your exercise routine to, say, Facebook.
  • encourages users to share their runs on-line; and includes iPhone apps to do this automatically for runs, walks and bike rides
  • Many iPhone apps ask for permission to record my location
  • Twitter has a new Tweet With Your Location feature

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