>10-Minute Reputation Builder: Write an book review

 15th February 2011 by gihan

>What’s the last good book you read? Why not leverage your reading time by writing a review for it on You don’t have to write a long review – just a few paragraphs are fine. I recommend you only write positive (or mostly positive) reviews. If you didn’t like the book, say nothing!

Writing book reviews not only boosts your own Internet presence, it also helps the author promote their book, and helps other customers learn more about the book before buying it. Some authors monitor their book reviews, and might even send you a personal thank-you e-mail for your review.

For examples, you can read my book reviews on here.

BONUS IDEA: Every time I post a review on, I also copy it to my blog. It only takes me an extra couple of minutes to do this, and it’s just another way to leverage what I have just written. You can see examples here on my blog.

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