Thinking Ahead Journal: 25th April 2011

Every week I collect the most recent blog posts from my clients and members – all leading thinkers about business and life – and assemble them into the Thinking Ahead journal.

Download the 25th April issue here.

What’s in it:

  • Dr Jenny Brockis: New Diagnostic Guidelines for Alzheimer’s Disease April 2011
  • differencemakers community blog: Decision making and predictions
  • Dr Jenny Brockis: Are You Among the ‘Sleepless E…
  • Dr Jenny Brockis: Virtual Reality Games Help Str…
  • Dr Jenny Brockis: Scripps Research- News & Views…
  • differencemakers community blog: More buildership, less leadership?
  • Dr Jenny Brockis: Why learning a musical instrument is a good way to stay brain fit
  • Interview with Allison Nazarian, Love Your Mess
  • Dr Jenny Brockis: Literacy related difficulties …
  • Gary Ryan: 5 Star and 2 Star service can both be great, or not!
  • differencemakers community blog: Are You Trying to Use New-Style Marketing for an Old-Style Business?
  • Gihan Perera: Can You Really Make a Difference in a Webinar?
  • The Money Guide: Is now the time to fix interest rates?
  • There’s an I in TEAM: Build Credibility by Giving Up Control
  • Gihan Perera: Get More From Your Business Books
  • Notes from the Workplace Garden: Milestones in the garden
  • The Money Guide: Misleading marketing finally acknowledged
  • Donna Hanson’s Blog: Email Damages the Workplace

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