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 18th January 2012 by gihan

Goal setting that works, running your business like a boutique business, your very first webinar, and e-mail productivity.

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Feature Interview with Erica Bagshaw: Creating Certainty (Goal Setting That Works)

Over some years now, I’ve been privileged to work with Erica Bagshaw from The Alignment Group. Erica has a unique goal-setting process that actually works – even in these uncertain times. In this interview, which is an extract from our audio program "Creating Certainty", Erica describes her six-step goal-setting process in detail.

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Build a Boutique Business

For too long, Australian businesses have had it too good. But now, things have changed, and they are facing competition not only from other businesses in the same suburb, but other businesses around the world. In this segment, I describe the nine key principles you need to adopt to succeed in business today. Broadly, it’s about taking advantage of the fact that you’re small, agile and flexible. You can position your business as a boutique business, and tailor your marketing that way.

This is an extract from my book "Fast, Flat and Free".

Your Very First Webinar

Webinars are hot right now, because they are a wonderful way of delivering a message or promoting your products and services. But many people – even experienced presenters – are worried about how to run them effectively. The secret to getting started is to simplify your very first webinar to prevent problems from occurring. So cut down on as many features as possible, and add them in slowly as you become more experienced with webinars. This is an extract from my webinar "Your Very First Webinar".

For more about running successful webinars, get my book and video course at

Get Control of Your In-Box!

The first step to managing your overflowing in-box is to reduce the amount of incoming e-mail. Although some of it is outside your control, you might be surprised just how much you can reduce or eliminate altogether. In this segment, Chris Pudney and I talk about how to reduce the amount of incoming e-mail.

This is an extract from our book Out of Office: Using the Internet for Greater Freedom in Your Work Life.

The eGurus Community

These are the top 10 topics (in decreasing order) requested by eGurus members: Webinars, membership sites, e-learning programs, on-line courses, video, promotional Web sites, e-books, newsletters, books and audio programs. I’ll be using this to map out the eGurus curriculum for 2012, including the monthly webinars. The first webinar for 2012 will be on 15th February: "Your E-Learning Strategy".

If you're not an eGurus member yet, find out more about it here.

Build Your Web Site In Two Days

If you want to build a Web site for your business – or even for a specific product, service or market – this is the ideal way to do it. You’ll build a professional Web site, with a newsletter, blog, shopping cart, password-protected section, and more. More importantly, you’re building it yourself, so you have full control of it for the future. Learn it once, and you can even build more Web sites yourself later!

The next workshop is coming up in Sydney on Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th March. Find out more at There’s an Early Bird special, with a discount of $300 if you book by 10th February.

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