Building Your Online Reputation

 2nd March 2012 by gihan

Building your on-line reputation and authority.

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Feature Interview with Kirsten Hodgson

Kirsten Hodgson helps professional services firms to retain and grow existing clients and attract more of their ideal clients. In this interview, I asked Kirsten about how business professionals can use social media and other Internet marketing tools to build their authority and reputation.

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Choosing a Webinar Provider

There are a bewildering number of tools available for conducting webinars and on-line meetings, and new services crop up every few weeks. This makes it a fiercely competitive space, which is good for us as customers. However, it also means it’s difficult to choose the right provider. If you’re evaluating webinar platforms and providers, here are 10 things to consider.

Personally, I think some people spend too much time evaluating and assessing every webinar platform trying to find the “best”, when they would be far better off just choosing one that works and actually running webinars!

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Protect Your On-Line Reputation

In the book Out of Office, my co-author Chris Pudney and I talk about the importance of your on-line reputation, and explain the importance of being careful when engaging with other people on-line. Chris and I discussed this recently, and we talked about two key principles of managing your on-line reputation. First, be careful about what you say; and second, monitor what people are saying about you.

For the full conversation, or to get our book, visit the Web site Out of Office: Using the Internet for Greater Freedom in Your Work Life.

The eGurus Community

I created the eGurus Community because I realised some business owners had different Internet needs than the typical small business owner. Sure, we all care about on-line marketing, but some of us can also use the Internet for “e-learning” – in other words, taking the material you teach, coach, facilitate or write about, and converting it into electronic form for on-line delivery. The eGurus Community shows you how to do that right.

This month’s members-only webinar is about building your on-line reputation and authority. We’re also starting our Membership Sites Special Interest Groups this month, for eGurus members interested in building or growing a paid membership site for their business.

If you're not an eGurus member yet, find out more about it here.

Build Your Web Site In Two Days

If you want to build a Web site for your business – or even for a specific product, service or market – this is the ideal way to do it. You’ll build a professional Web site, with a newsletter, blog, shopping cart, password-protected section, and more. More importantly, you’re building it yourself, so you have full control of it for the future. Learn it once, and you can even build more Web sites yourself later!

The next workshop is coming up in Sydney on Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th March. Find out more at

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