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 4th April 2012 by gihan

This month, we’ll be talking about writing and publishing high-quality content – both for positioning yourself as an authority and selling it (in the form of e-books).

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Feature Interview with John Highman

John Highman is an expert on article marketing, and he uses this very effectively in his business as a consultant to the commercial real estate industry.

In this interview, he kindly shares some secrets about how to write and publish articles on-line in such a way that they generate high-quality leads for your business.

The PIPES process for Writing Articles

If you don’t think of yourself as a great writer, the secret is simple: structure! If you have a few standard article templates handy, you can take your material and fit it into a template. As one of my clients said, the template is like a container of a certain shape, and you “pour” your material into it.

One easy and powerful template for writing articles is one that I’ve developed – I call it the PIPES process. In a recent webinar I did for David Penglase of, I did a live demo of this process with one of the webinar participants. I think you’ll find it useful to learn from her example.

Reading in the 21st Century

Another rapidly-growing area for high-quality content is e-books – especially with Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle.

In our book Out of Office, my co-author Chris Pudney and I talk about the value of having everything electronic so it’s portable. And e-books definitely fall into that category, because you don’t want to lug around all your reference books wherever you take your portable office!

In this conversation, Chris and I talk about how the Internet has changed the way we buy and read books and e-books. If you haven’t yet jumped on the on-line book band-wagon, I hope this persuades you to do so!

To get our book, visit the Web site Out of Office: Using the Internet for Greater Freedom in Your Work Life.

The eGurus Community

I created the eGurus Community because I realised some business owners had different Internet needs than the typical small business owner. Sure, we all care about on-line marketing, but some of us can also use the Internet for “e-learning” – in other words, taking the material you teach, coach, facilitate or write about, and converting it into electronic form for on-line delivery. The eGurus Community shows you how to do that right.

This month’s members-only webinar shows you how to take your content and convert it into e-book form so you can publish it to Amazon, iTunes and other e-book stores. This is a huge opportunity for anybody who has any expertise and wants to share it, either for marketing or for creating another income stream.

If you're not an eGurus member yet, find out more about it here.

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