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In this episode, we look at the importance of positioning: How to be seen as an authority in your field, so you can attract business easily and effortlessly.

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The Positioning Matrix – with Matt Church

The Positioning Matrix is an elegant tool for creating a flexible way of positioning yourself in many situations – at a networking event, on social media platforms, in writing sales copy, on your Web site, and more.

Find out more about Matt Church here.

Positioning Yourself with a Welcome Video

You can use the Positioning Matrix for many things, including a script for a short welcome video to use on the home page of your Web site. In this extract from the audio book version of “Fast, Flat and Free”, I explain how to do that.

Get the book “Fast, Flat and Free” here.

Book Review: How to Be THAT Guy, by Scott Ginsberg

This is the best book I’ve ever read about personal branding. Ginsberg himself uses a bold gimmick to stand out from the crowd (if you don’t know: He always wears a name tag), but this book has ideas for everybody, even if (like me) that sort of extroverted stunt isn’t your style. This book isn’t about your gimmick, it’s about finding your uniqueness and then making it shine – in the way that works best for you.

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5 Tips to Revamp Your Social Media Strategy

If your social media strategy is floundering, and you’re not getting a return on the time, money and effort you invested in it, don’t try harder and put more effort into it. Instead, revamp it altogether.

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