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 4th December 2012 by gihan

In this episode, guest Rachel Staggs talks about online marketing – and how to position yourself as an authority using social media.

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What Do You Really Want In 2013?

I share a simple but powerful goal-setting process, which I use myself every year, and something I have shared with clients, colleagues and friends. It doesn’t replace any of the other goal-setting processes you might be using, but it’s a useful framework to take stock of where you are, and identify where you’d like to be in 2013.

Authority Marketing – with Rachel Staggs

Rachel Staggs, from SRS Coaching and Consulting, is a business consultant for financial advisers, and helps clients with one area they often need help with: marketing. In this interview, we talk about online marketing and offline marketing for experts and business owners, and how to position yourself as an authority.

Find out more about Rachel Staggs here.

Your Internet Marketing Plan for 2013

The world of marketing has changed in nine ways, and you need to adapt to stay in touch with these things: you, reputation, tribes, value, what they need, niches, experiences, frames and connection. In this coaching segment – based on the ideas in my book “Fast, Flat and Free” – I ask you 27 questions to help you create your own Internet marketing plan for next year.

Get the book “Fast, Flat and Free” here.

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