Book Review: Internet Lifestyle Productivity, by Steve Scott

 8th March 2013 by gihan

In a nutshell, this is a time management book for Internet marketers and online entrepreneurs. Scott himself describes it as “Getting Things Done meets The 4-Hour Workweek”.

If you’re doing some serious Internet marketing in your business, you’ll find this book very useful, because it teaches you the discipline you need to succeed online. This book doesn’t try to teach you the skills of Internet marketing; it’s about time management and productivity, but tailored for Internet marketers. It talks about managing documents, creating checklists, using to-do lists, and other productivity techniques.

Of course, you could also read any other book about time management or productivity. But the advantage of this book is that Scott’s examples are all based around Internet marketing. That makes it more relevant and specific for Internet marketers.

If you’re not a serious Internet marketer, this book isn’t right for you. However, if you’re thinking about building an online business, you might consider reading it anyway – just to get an idea of how much work, time, energy, focus and discipline are required!

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