Seven Ways to Create Content Without Writing a Word (Well, Just a Few Words …)

 9th May 2013 by gihan

Wind GeneratorsI know many people (and I’m one of them!) are talking about “content marketing” and how important it is to your entire marketing plan. But I also know some people feel overwhelmed by just how much content they have to keep creating – especially if writing doesn’t come naturally. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, you might discover you can create a lot of high-quality content for little or no effort at all. For example, here are seven simple things you can do to create content with little or no writing involved.

1. Take a photo

You’re carrying a camera with you in your pocket or purse, so look out for opportunities to take photographs of things related to your message and expertise. When you have your mind switched on to these possibilities, you’ll see great examples everywhere. Take a photo, upload it to your blog, and write a short paragraph about it, explaining why it’s relevant.

2. Copy to your blog or newsletter

If you’ve written something for your newsletter but haven’t published it to your blog, do it! And if you’ve published something to your blog that could be used in a future newsletter, do that as well. This might seem obvious, but it’s amazing how many people are reluctant to re-use their material in different forms. Don’t worry about your readers who see it in both places – they’ll ignore it. And those who miss it in one place will appreciate getting it elsewhere as well.

3. Bundle some articles together into an e-book.

If you’ve written a number of articles, blog posts or newsletters on a related topic, bundle them together into an e-book. I did this with an e-book I published years ago called “20 Ways to Make More Money From Your Web Site”. Again, don’t worry about duplicating information. In fact, some people mentioned they had read most of it before, but were grateful to me for gathering it all together in one place!

4. Record a series of articles as an audio CD

Don’t limit yourself to electronic products. Many people still have CD players in their car, so read your articles aloud, record them, and burn a CD, which you send to your top clients, new newsletter subscribers, whatever. Each article becomes a separate track, which will be about 3-5 minutes long – and that’s the perfect length for an educational snippet.

5. Do a survey and publish the results

Conduct a simple multiple-choice survey using Survey Monkey or Google Docs, and publish the results as an article. You don’t have to write a lot of detailed analysis; just summarise the results and add a few comments. It makes a great newsletter article, blog post, or even a media release.

6. Record a YouTube video of yourself

Take the content from one of your articles (something like a “3 tips” article works well), and turn it into a short educational video for YouTube. Nothing fancy – just use your webcam to record yourself explaining the content. Don’t read it word for word, and don’t set up the text in a teleprompter. Just speak into the camera, explaining the main points of the article.

7. Record a “back of the napkin” video

If you have an iPad, use the free “Show Me” app to record yourself drawing a model, diagram, concept or idea – just like you would explain something quickly to somebody using a scrap of paper or a serviette. Show Me will record your drawing and your voice, and will upload it to their Web site, from which you can embed it in a blog post or Web page.

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