Selling In The Internet Age

 4th June 2013 by gihan

The Internet has changed the way we buy – which means all businesses need to change the way they sell.

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Be Their First Choice

One of the biggest ways the Internet has changed selling is that you don’t know when your customer is ready to buy. So you have to be there always, regularly delivering value. A high-quality e-mail newsletter, published regularly and delivered to your readers’ in-boxes – with their permission – is one of your most powerful marketing tools.

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Selling In the Internet Age

Paul Archer is an international speaker, trainer and consultant, who teaches sales leaders and salespeople how to be more effective – especially in the age of the Internet, where the dynamics of selling have changed. In this interview, he talks about the changing sales landscape, how to build rapport in an electronic world, and what practical steps organisations and sales leaders need to take.

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Social Media for Business Leaders

This year I’ve been a regular contributor to Winston Marsh’s excellent Business Marketing audio program. In this extract, Winston interviews me about social media – and how to do it differently so you stand out, not just fit in.

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