Mentoring Works

 1st August 2013 by gihan

This month we talk about blogging, mentoring, and getting other people to do your work!

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Blogging for Service Professionals

This year I’ve been a regular contributor to Winston Marsh’s excellent Business Marketing audio program. In this extract, Winston interviews me about blogging for service professionals – and how to do it without writing long articles!

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Mentoring Works – with Ann Rolfe

My expert interview this month is with mentoring guru Ann Rolfe. Ann is Australia’s leading expert on mentoring in the workplace, and she shares some valuable insights into the role of mentoring in modern organisations.

Visit Ann’s Web site here.

Getting Other People To Do Your Dirty Work

Our final segment is an extract from a recent webinar I did about how to use the Internet to collaborate with others to do work for you. The full version of the webinar – including slides – is available to eGurus members.

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