Making Things Happen

 1st November 2013 by gihan

In this episode, we focus on getting things done and making things happen. Interview with Tony Fountain, segment from Eagle Waves Radio, and Chris Pudney on how to get focussed.

In this episode, we focus on getting things done and making things happen.

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Making Things Happen – with Tony Fountain

Many organisations make the mistake of treating people like numbers, bits and entries in a database. But in the digital age and a virtual world, business is more personal than ever before. The Internet has changed the rules, and only those who understand the new rules will succeed.

Visit Tony’s Web site here.

Eagle Waves Radio – Personal Branding

I was invited by bureau owner and entrepreneur Debbie Carr to appear on her weekly BizHealth segment on Eagle Waves Radio. Their theme for the week was personal branding, and we had an interesting conversation – along with her co-host Scarlett Vespa – about how to do this online.

Eagle Waves Radio Web site.

Get Focussed

One of the biggest traps for business leaders, business owners and independent workers is that we have more freedom than ever before, but that also means we need to be responsible for our own focus and discipline. In this segment, my friend and co-author of the book Out Of Office, Chris Pudney, talk about how to stay focussed.

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