Folding Time

 9th January 2014 by gihan

In this episode of Expert Gold Radio, we start 2014 with a look at productivity, telecommuting trends, and how to avoid the most common mistakes of running a paid membership site.

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Folding Time – Neen James

Neen JamesIf you’re struggling to keep up with this fast-paced world, you’ll love these tips and techniques from productivity expert Neen James! Neen explains why we’re so busy, why traditional time management doesn’t work anymore, and what we need to do instead.

Visit Neen’s Web site here.

Out of Office Trends for 2014

Now let’s look at how trends in technology, society and the economy are making it easier for Out of Office workers – in other words, people working from a home office, Internet cafes, and any other non-traditional office workplace.

Buy the Out of Office book here.

The Seven Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make With A Membership Site

Build Your Membership SiteFor experienced and established businesses, a paid membership site can be an obvious next step. But there are a number of common mistakes that people make when planning and building their membership site.

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