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 6th February 2014 by gihan

In this episode of Expert Gold Radio, we look at trends and tribes (or goal setting and membership sites). We suggest 8 goals for your workplace, look at 7 technology trends for business owners and marketers, and explain the 5 types of members of your tribe.

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Out of Office Goals for 2014

Last month we looked at some recent trends for people working from a home office, Internet café or other non-traditional workplace. Now let’s extend that and look at some specific goals you can set for this year. Even if you work in an office, you’ll still find these useful, because they are about things like e-mail, ongoing education, video conferencing, and better collaboration.

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Technology Trends for 2014

In this interview with Winston Marsh for his Business Marketing program, we look at some of the key technology trends that will affect business owners and marketers.

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Build Your Tribe

Let’s talk about your tribe – or your network, or community. This is not just your customer database, but it’s wider – and includes suppliers, subscribers, members, social media followers, and more. This is the “Build Your Tribe” chapter from my audio-book Fast, Flat and Free.

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The Benefits of a Paid Membership Site

Build Your Membership SiteThe most obvious benefit of a membership site is that it gives you ongoing recurring income. But it’s not the only benefit.

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