Creating the Best Workplace Culture on Earth

 6th March 2014 by gihan

On Expert Gold Radio this month, we look at what it takes to create the best workplace on Earth, drawing on inspiration from the Harvard Business Review and Corporate Anthropologist Michael Henderson.

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The Best Out of Office Workplace on Earth

The workplace – and what employees want from it – has changed over the years. Modern workplaces are more focused on personal empowerment, especially for Out of Office workers, who – by definition – work out of sight, and rely on managers and leaders to provide them the tools, resources, and culture to achieve their work goals. In this conversation, Chris Pudney interviews me about a Harvard Business Review report of the best workplace on Earth, and apply them to Out of Office work.

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Creating an Above The Line Culture – with Michael Henderson

In a fast-paced world, where strategy is obsolete before it’s implemented, teams are short-lived, and work is global, only organisations with a strong culture will thrive. Many business leaders know culture is important but don’t know how to create or foster it.

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