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 1st May 2014 by gihan

This month, we look at the power of business storytelling for sharing strategy and vision, and also look at how to foster telecommuting and harness outsourcing.

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Business Storytelling – with Yamini Naidu

The business world is catching on to something we have all known from a young age: There’s nothing like a good story to attract interest, share a message, make a point, and stay in the listener’s mind. Yamini Naidu shows business leaders how to tap into the power of storytelling. about how and why to craft your own business leadership stories.

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Out of Office Benefits for Employers

With the growth of telecommuting, leaders and their teams have greater flexibility and freedom in how work gets done. Some leaders see the benefits as being only in one direction – in other words, employees get a better work style, but employers suffer through lost productivity, less collaboration, reduced innovation, poor communication, and inability to foster an organisational culture. But telecommuting is good for employers as well.

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Outsourcing With Elance

Of course, another option for getting work done is through outsourcing. I was recently interviewed by Winston Marsh for his Business Marketing series on this topic. We looked at how you can take advantage of outsourcing to get specialist work done in your business.

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