Be an Authority, Don’t Just Have Authority

 16th June 2014 by gihan

Be an Authority, Don't Just Have AuthorityIn earlier days, you had authority because of your title, your seniority, your age, or the connections in your network. That’s what it meant to “have authority”. Of course, that still applies now, but it’s less important. Now people respect you because you are an authority: what you know.

Leadership now is not just about the organisational structure. It’s not even about the organisational structure turned upside down. Modern leadership is much more about facilitation and collaboration, and everyone can be a leader. This is not just some glib motivational statement (“You too can be a leader!”). There really is an opportunity for everybody to demonstrate their leadership skills. People become leaders – and demonstrate leadership – whether or not they actually have the old-fashioned positional authority.

If you are an expert, the Internet has given you the power to demonstrate that, spread that, and become an authority. If you can do that then you will be a leader. After all, the most important thing to be a leader is having followers! The Internet now makes it so much easier for you to build up followers. And these are people who follow you because they want to and not because they have to.

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