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 3rd July 2014 by gihan

Web sites might seem like such old technology, now that we have blogging, YouTube, social media, mobile apps, and so on. But that makes your Web site even more important than ever before. Even if people find you somewhere else, they will come to your Web site before deciding to do business with you.

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Your Online Platform – with Michael Neaylon

I’ve worked with marketing and brand guru Michael Neaylon to build his Web site and online platform, and he wanted to share some of the ideas and strategies we put into place.

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Set Buying Frames

In my book Fast, Flat and Free, I talked about the importance of your Web site, how it fits into your overall marketing strategy, and what you need to do on your Web site to convert site visitors into buyers.

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Rejuvenate Your Web Site

If you already have a Web site, and it’s doing OK for you, don’t throw it away! But there are some things you can do to fine-tune it to make it work better. I was recently interviewed by Winston Marsh for his Business Marketing series on this topic.

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