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Create Experiences, Not Just Products and Services

 17th April 2018 by gihan

I was speaking at an aged care leadership conference about the challenge of increasing competition and client choice. The aged care industry is growing, because of our ageing population, but this also creates more competition and choice for clients. More ...

Are You an Apple or Google When Dealing With Customers?

 20th March 2018 by gihan

Apple and Google are both customer-obsessed, but they have different approaches and attitudes to their customers. Which approach is more likely to make you future-proof?

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What Customers Really Want Now

 8th March 2018 by gihan

In the past, business was easy: Find out your customers’ problems and figure out how you can help solve them – better than anybody else. But that has changed, because customers have changed. Customers today expect far more from you than More ...

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Do You Know The Motivation Behind Their Behaviour?

 20th February 2018 by gihan

It’s easy to react to somebody’s behaviour, but do you make the effort to understand the motivation behind their behaviour? This is the skill of “social intelligence”, which the Institute for the Future has identified as one More ...

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Solving Customer Problems? That’s Not Enough Anymore!

 7th February 2018 by gihan

As a futurist, I’m often asked by business leaders how to stay ahead of their competition in a fast-changing world. Many of these leaders think it’s about embracing some new technology, understanding some future trend before anybody More ...

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That is None of Your Customers’ Business (But THIS Is!)

 6th February 2018 by gihan

Henry Ford was said to have quipped (although this is an urban legend), “If I had asked my customers what they wanted they would have said a faster horse.” More recently, former Apple CEO Steve Jobs echoed that sentiment when he said, More ...

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The Busy Adviser’s Secret to Lifelong Clients

 29th January 2018 by gihan

In a business environment where clients have more choices and information than ever before, keeping in touch with clients – and providing value – is not just about FoFA, the FSI, or compliance – it’s just good business.

Do your clients only More ...

The Future of Medicine – It’s the Patient … err, Customer

 8th January 2018 by gihan

Last year, my parents moved house after 40 years. When searching for a new local GP, my 80-year-old father’s first source of information was online reviews he found on Google. Although he’s intelligent and computer-savvy, he’s hardly the stereotype More ...

Are You Involving Your Most Passionate Customers In Your Business?

 12th December 2017 by gihan

I was speaking at a local government conference about how they can involve their residents – their customers and clients – more in their day-to-day operations. Are you doing the same in your business? Don’t treat your customers as More ...

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Involve Your Customers and Clients In Your Marketing

 27th September 2017 by gihan

How well do you involve your clients and customers in your business processes? In a social, mobile, and global world, they have more power than ever to boost your business. Here’s one way to involve them in your marketing, so you get more customers More ...

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