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Survive and Thrive in a Customer-Centric World

 15th September 2016 by gihan

Survive and Thrive in a Customer-Centric World

The customer is not always right, but the customer is always there! Customers have more power than ever before, and smart organisations are tapping into that power to design better products and systems, prevent problems before they occur, and More ...

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Influencers are Everywhere

 1st March 2016 by gihan

Natalie Tran - YouTube sensation

Natalie Tran operates one of Australia?s most popular YouTube channels. In 2009, in the early days of YouTube, she was Australia?s most popular YouTube channel, with over 150,000 subscribers. Even now, despite the growing competition More ...

“What If This Was More Social?”

 2nd February 2016 by gihan

My partner Nikki’s daughter, Abbey, is just starting Year 12 at school this week. I help her with her Maths and Chemistry study, and she’s a hard-working, disciplined and very competent student. In short, a pleasure to teach.

To help her More ...

Look Beyond Your Hierarchy

 27th January 2016 by gihan

Look Beyond Your Hierarchy

New York City, like many other large cities, is the home to many cyclists – about 200,000 a day, according to the city?s research. Most of those cyclists take their bicycles home safely every day, but a small percentage of those bicycles More ...

Workplace Trends

 16th September 2015 by gihan

Workplace Trends

Successful leaders need to know how to lead in modern workplaces, with more flexible work arrangements, technology that boosts productivity, the mix of personal and work lives, and the growth of collaboration and networking.

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Listen to the episode More ...

Five Easy Ways for Local Governments to Engage Their Community Online

 21st May 2015 by gihan

The Internet has made it so much easier now for organisations to connect with their ?customers?, and for local councils this means engaging with their residents and other stakeholders. Many councils see the opportunity and recognise the More ...

The Networked Organisation

 1st May 2015 by gihan

The Networked Organisation

Traditionally, an organisation has been driven by two hierarchies ? the management hierarchy (a.k.a. organisation chart) and customer hierarchy (a.k.a. sales funnel). But that?s not enough anymore. In our connected world, we need the More ...

Local Governments: Tap into the Ingenuity and Motivation of Your Residents

 9th April 2015 by gihan

Local Governments: Tap into the Ingenuity and Motivation of Your Residents

For a long time, most local government authorities have taken a paternalistic approach to providing services to residents: they assume the government knows the best way to provide services, and residents generally don?t have much input. More ...

Are You Neglecting The Most Important People In Your Network?

 29th January 2015 by gihan

Are You Neglecting The Most Important People In Your Network?

In our obsession with social media numbers ? followers, Likes, connections, reach, Klout, and so on ? it?s easy to forget that the people who will make the biggest difference to you are the small group you already have trusted More ...

Encourage Clients to Refer Their Friends

 28th July 2014 by gihan


My gym knows that one of the best ways to get new members is by asking their current members to refer a friend:

Referrals are powerful because you don?t have to work anywhere near as much to get the prospective client to know, like and trust More ...