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Housing Challenges and Innovations for the South West of Australia

 15th March 2016 by gihan

In the next three weeks, I’ll be speaking at two conferences in the South West region of Australia – just “down the road” from where I live in Perth.

One of these is the More ...

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Give Them Permission to Innovate

 8th March 2016 by gihan

You don’t need special rooms with bean bags and coloured walls to inspire creativity. Instead, simply make innovation part of your regular environment. Instead of creating physical space, start by giving them permission to be innovative:


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Look Beyond Your Hierarchy

 27th January 2016 by gihan

Look Beyond Your Hierarchy

New York City, like many other large cities, is the home to many cyclists – about 200,000 a day, according to the city’s research. Most of those cyclists take their bicycles home safely every day, but a small percentage of those bicycles More ...

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YouTube Has Created Huge Opportunities for Individuals

 14th January 2016 by gihan

Charli’s Crafty Kitchen, run by eight-year-old Charli and her five-year-old sister Ashlee, has one of the biggest food and cooking YouTube channel in the world. They couldn’t have done that 10 years ago because TV used to control visual access More ...

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Innovation Kick Start 2016

 7th January 2016 by gihan

Give Them The “Lite“ Version

 5th January 2016 by gihan

Give Them Something "Lite"

Summer in Australia is a great time for live sporting events, and over the Christmas break, I went to see a Twenty20 cricket game and a Hopman Cup tennis match.

Both of these events are the “lite” form of the game. Twenty20 cricket More ...

Pong Thinkers in an Xbox World

 24th December 2015 by gihan

When I was growing up, computer games looked very basic (Pong). Now they are incredibly advanced. Many business owners are leaders are still Pong thinkers in an Xbox world.

Innovation Kick Start 2016 – Webinar Series in January

Our world is changing rapidly, and businesses and entire industries are More ...

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Will You Be a Game-Changer?

 11th November 2015 by gihan

Will You Be a Game-Changer In Your Industry?

I was speaking with one of my corporate clients recently about changes in her industry. As the CEO of an insurance company, she’s been asked by her board to identify “game changers” (their phrase) in the insurance industry, so More ...

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Corporate Travel Challenges and Innovation in Our Fast, Flat and Free World – YouTube

 30th October 2015 by gihan

Mobile technology, direct competition, decoupling of ancillary services and other innovations have dramatically changed the corporate travel industry. If you provide business travel services, stay ahead of the game by understanding the changes and More ...

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Jugaad Innovation Gets Things Done with Limited Resources

 29th September 2015 by gihan

You might think wealthy nations and large companies have a huge innovation advantage because they have so many more resources available to them. While that can be true, sometimes the abundance of resources can be a hindrance. Sometimes the most innovative More ...

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