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Ideas For Local Government Innovation in our Fast, Flat and Free World

 13th March 2015 by gihan

Local government authorities face challenges and opportunities in our fast, connected and open world. Those that meet the challenges and embrace the opportunities can provide better services, remain sustainable and viable, and thrive even in an uncertain More ...

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Financial Services Firms:Staying Ahead of the Game In Our Fast, Flat and Free World

 2nd March 2015 by gihan

Financial services firms in Australia continue to face uncertainty through government regulation (FoFA and FSI), market conditions, increasing competition, and online services. Smart practices who see opportunity in this volatile environment can stand More ...

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Private Hospitals: Stay Ahead of the Game with Better Patient Experiences

 20th February 2015 by gihan

Private Hospitals: Stay Ahead of the Game with Better Patient Experiences

Private hospitals and other healthcare facilities are facing a number of challenges – including budgetary pressures and reduced AR-DRG funding, the constant need to upgrade technology, and increasing competition (especially with incentives More ...

Five Ways for Travel Agents to Improve Their Client Experience

 10th February 2015 by gihan

Five Ways for Travel Agents to Improve Their Client Experience

The travel industry is undergoing huge changes, especially with consumers using online services to plan and book their own travel, bypassing the traditional travel agent. That’s bad news for agents who resist the change, but extremely good More ...

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Joi Ito – Want to Innovate? Become a “Now-ist”

 23rd January 2015 by gihan

When the major earthquake hit Japan in March 2011 and caused a nuclear reactor to fail, Joi Ito decided to do something about it. Bypassing the NGOs and government bodies frantically trying to solve the problem, he gathered a group of people online More ...

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Shai Reshef: An ultra-low-cost college degree

 14th November 2014 by gihan

Online education

Education, especially formal education, is expensive. Or at least, it was expensive. The Internet is now making it more affordable than ever before, especially when people like Shai Reshef dedicate their lives to providing low-cost education More ...

Prevention Is Better Than Cure – But Only If You Do It Right

 27th October 2014 by gihan


Our world is moving so fast that we don’t give ourselves much room to play safe. For example:

  • An unhappy employee can send an offensive tweet that reaches millions in a few hours
  • An online security breach can be exploited by hackers before it’s even discovered
  • Leaders can’t hide behind job titles, brand names and personal charisma when everybody can Google them instantly

That’s why the old saying “Prevention is better than cure” is so relevant today. It’s more relevant than ever before, because More ...

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Ideas With Legs – Innovation for Employee Engagement

 4th August 2014 by gihan

Innovation is an employee engagement strategy. Learn how to harness the innovation in your people to develop and future proof your organisation.

Most organisations have struggled with the idea of employee engagement – especially now, because More ...

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Ideas With Legs, by Nils Vesk

 25th July 2014 by gihan

Ideas With Legs

There are many books about business innovation, but few are as practical as this, which helps you take an idea all the way from something abstract in somebody’s head into the practical implementation in your organisation.

Broadly, Vesk breaks More ...

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Are You Embracing Change for Innovation?

 15th April 2014 by gihan


I was interested to read a story recently about a cafe in Terrigal, just north of Sydney, that’s charging customers 50 cents extra if they are using their mobile phone while they are placing their order at the counter:

Cafe manager Luke Proust More ...

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