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Decisions, Decisions: The Fast Track to a High-Performance Team

 8th August 2017 by gihan

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Power Up Your Team

 30th May 2017 by gihan

Nordstrom, the US department store, has one of the best employee policy manuals in the world. The entire handbook given out to new employees goes like this:

?We?re glad to have you with our Company. Our number one goal is to provide More ...

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How Millennials Will Lead in the C-Suite

 18th May 2017 by gihan

The Knowledge@Wharton podcast, from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, features interviews with speakers, academics, researchers, consultants and other experts.

In this episode, former Aetna CEO Ron Williams and The Conference More ...

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Open the Door To Greater Experience

 9th May 2017 by gihan

Good leaders give their team members more information and knowledge than they need just to do their job. They know what?s happening in the rest of the team, the rest of the organisation, and even the outside world. But it?s not enough More ...

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Future Proof – Align Your Business Strategy with Future Trends

 13th April 2017 by gihan

Disruption has become a bit of a buzzword now – and it’s become so hyped up it’s lost a lot of its meaning. You hear that you’re being disrupted, you know you need to do something about it, but you don’t exactly know WHAT disruption More ...

Think Sharp: Great Minds Don’t Think Alike

 29th March 2017 by gihan

Every month, I host a ?business book club? at my house for a group of 15 people. Each month, we choose a business book ? the most recent was Daniel Coyle?s book ?The Talent Code? ? and discuss it, accompanied More ...

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Are You Ready to Lead in a VUCA World?

 14th March 2017 by gihan

I heard somebody say recently that you don’t know what real pain is until you step on a piece of Lego on the floor when walking barefoot from your bedroom to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

OK, it?s a First World problem, I More ...

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Managing Conflict in Distributed Teams

 1st March 2017 by gihan

Conflicts are inevitable in any workplace, but can be particularly challenging in distributed teams, where team members don?t work in the same office. As a leader, it?s important to understand these differences, so you can prevent More ...

Test Your Future-Proof IQ: You’d Be Surprised What Most Leaders Get Wrong

 9th February 2017 by gihan

When it comes to iPads, video production, and Apple technology, my technology consultant is my eleven-year-old niece Abbey. And yet, when Abbey was born, there was no YouTube, no social media, no smartphones, we didn?t have a street directory More ...

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Leadership Passion

 17th January 2017 by gihan

Leaders need followers, and followers are crying out for strong leaders. But the best people only follow you if you can give them work with meaning, energy, and purpose. And you can only do that if you yourself have meaning, energy, and purpose More ...