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What to Expect from Off-Site Meetings – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

 20th November 2015 by gihan

You might call them strategy retreats, away days, or off-sites, but these multi-day meetings have become common in the business world. Many of them are aimed at senior executives, but they are also common at other levels of leadership and management More ...

Use Mentoring to Extend Training

 18th November 2015 by gihan

Use Mentoring to Extend Training

Traditional training courses still have value, but they have two big weaknesses: They teach skills rather than experience, and they tend to be “one size fits all” processes. If you want to extend the value of the training course, look to a More ...

The Future of Conferences

 13th November 2015 by gihan

Videoconferencing, online meetings, telepresence and other collaboration technology are gaining traction. Does that mean the in-person conference is obsolete?

No – not by a long way! But its role has changed. Some of the benefits of coming together More ...

What’s In Your Personal Learning Network?

 19th October 2015 by gihan

What's In Your Personal Learning Network?

Do you feel overwhelmed by information overload? If so, get over it! If you’re an expert, your clients and audiences expect you to consume vast quantities of information, pick and choose the bits that are most relevant to them, More ...

Break The Mentoring Rules

 31st July 2015 by gihan

Break The Mentoring Rules

Every month, Kelly Mooney, CEO of the digital marketing firm Resource Ammirati, has a strategy meeting with one of her team members, Matthew Santone, to discuss the latest trends and developments in brands, consumers, and technology. A CEO having More ...

Innovations in Learning in Our Fast, Flat and Free World

 24th July 2015 by gihan

The traditional classroom training course, workshop or facilitation isn’t enough by itself anymore. Learners expect learning to happen in a social, mobile, multi-channel, and personal way. Learning professionals can tap into the tools, techniques More ...

Using Your Brain For a Change

 2nd June 2015 by gihan

The #1 Mistake Even Good Trainers Make

 11th May 2015 by gihan

The #1 Mistake Even Good Trainers Make

If you’re a trainer, facilitator or workshop presenter, you might have discovered that your clients now expect more from you than just your training course. The traditional corporate training workshop is still common today, but you’ve More ...

MOOCs and Online Learning

 18th February 2015 by gihan


MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) have had their share of publicity – both good and bad. How can you use them as part of your organisation’s training programs? In this conversation, Chris Pudney shares his experience as a student More ...

Blended Learning for Employee Learning and Development

 6th February 2015 by gihan

Blended learning for employee learning and development

The corporate training course is not dead (nor should it be), but smart organisations are enhancing it with blended learning. In this conversation with Phil Gott, we discuss how to use blended learning for more powerful growth and development More ...