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MOOCs and Online Learning

 18th February 2015 by gihan


MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) have had their share of publicity – both good and bad. How can you use them as part of your organisation’s training programs? In this conversation, Chris Pudney shares his experience as a student More ...

Blended Learning for Employee Learning and Development

 6th February 2015 by gihan

Blended learning for employee learning and development

The corporate training course is not dead (nor should it be), but smart organisations are enhancing it with blended learning. In this conversation with Phil Gott, we discuss how to use blended learning for more powerful growth and development More ...

Shai Reshef: An ultra-low-cost college degree

 14th November 2014 by gihan

Online education

Education, especially formal education, is expensive. Or at least, it was expensive. The Internet is now making it more affordable than ever before, especially when people like Shai Reshef dedicate their lives to providing low-cost education More ...

How Much Can Children Teach Themselves?

 26th September 2014 by gihan

I was blown away by Sugata Mitra’s 2013 TED Talk about his research in 1999 about how fast children can learn, even without any supervision or teaching.

In brief: Mitra’s team installed an Internet-connected PC in a wall in a slum area of More ...

Education Reimagined – with Sal Khan of the Khan Academy

 20th June 2014 by gihan

Sal Khan, founder and executive director of Khan Academy, is dedicated to providing world-class education free to the world. They can’t do this through the traditional classroom environment, so they are doing it with online learning. The Khan More ...

How Can You Tap Into Peer Mentoring?

 3rd March 2014 by gihan

Peer Mentoring

When the term “mentoring” is used in a business context, it is most commonly pictured as the wise, grey-haired senior executive having lunch meetings with an up-and-coming younger employee. There’s nothing wrong with that picture, More ...

Mentoring Works

 1st August 2013 by gihan

This month we talk about blogging, mentoring, and getting other people to do your work!

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The Value of Mentoring

 23rd October 2012 by gihan

As you might know, I was in Sydney last month to attend Matt Church’s excellent Million Dollar Expert Program. It was the fourth time I’ve done it! You might More ...