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Decisions, Decisions: The Fast Track to a High-Performance Team

 8th August 2017 by gihan

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Fast-Track Your Contractors

 25th July 2017 by gihan

In an ideal workplace, the perfect team would come together to work on a specific project, then disband after the project is complete, and another team would form for the next project.

That might be the norm for future teams, but we?re not More ...

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Power Up Your Team

 30th May 2017 by gihan

Nordstrom, the US department store, has one of the best employee policy manuals in the world. The entire handbook given out to new employees goes like this:

?We?re glad to have you with our Company. Our number one goal is to provide More ...

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How Millennials Will Lead in the C-Suite

 18th May 2017 by gihan

The Knowledge@Wharton podcast, from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, features interviews with speakers, academics, researchers, consultants and other experts.

In this episode, former Aetna CEO Ron Williams and The Conference More ...

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Open the Door To Greater Experience

 9th May 2017 by gihan

Good leaders give their team members more information and knowledge than they need just to do their job. They know what?s happening in the rest of the team, the rest of the organisation, and even the outside world. But it?s not enough More ...

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Talent Everywhere: Four Ways To Build a Stronger Team

 2nd May 2017 by gihan

For most of the past 200 years, the workplace of the knowledge worker has been an office. It was the only practical option: That?s where teams could meet, that?s where the files were stored, that?s where the typing pool was located, More ...

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Is Your Team Ready for the Future of Work?

 6th December 2016 by gihan


The youngest Millennials (also know as Gen Ys), and their younger sibling Gen Z, expect more from their workplace.

Most workplaces still carry over baggage from 200 years ago, when offices were invented. But people are becoming much more entrepreneurial. More ...

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Power Up: Get More From Your Rising Stars

 14th July 2016 by gihan

Get More From Your Rising Stars

You have smart, talented, savvy people on your team who can do more than their job description ? and want to do more! In this webinar, I?ll show you the top 10 skills we need for the future, and how to match team members with these More ...

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The Halo Effect

 7th July 2016 by gihan


Your positioning in your marketplace ? how your ideal customers and clients view their relationship with you ? has a huge impact on your success. If you have low-level positioning, you?re constantly pushing hard to get noticed More ...

The Only Talent Management Technique You’ll Ever Need

 28th June 2016 by gihan

Talent Management

In January, the publisher Penguin Random House announced they?re no longer going to consider university qualifications when they recruit people. They say there?s no correlation between the bit of paper that says you went to uni and More ...

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