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Authority Selling with Magnetic Messages

 11th May 2017 by gihan

Authority Selling with Magnetic Messages

In a crowded marketplace where sales meetings are getting shorter and buying cycles are getting longer, it?s becoming more difficult to cut through the clutter and sell with impact. In this webinar, I?ll show you how to use the power More ...

Leads vs Loyalty: The Better Way to Make Money

 25th October 2016 by gihan

Leads vs Loyalty: The Better Way to Make Money

I have been speaking recently at conferences in a range of industries ? including financial planning, corporate travel, insurance underwriting, banking, and healthcare. As part of our presentation briefing, I always ask my client about the More ...

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Five Things You Must Know About The Future of Conferences

 13th September 2016 by gihan


The NSW Government recently announced a trial of in-ground “traffic lights” at key intersections in the CBD, to warn pedestrians on mobile phones who don’t look up while crossing the road.

It?s been interesting to see the More ...

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The Key to Success in a Customer-Centric World

 30th August 2016 by gihan

The Key to Success in a Customer-Centric World

Last week, I delivered the opening keynote at the annual TravelManagers conference in Bangkok. The theme of the conference was ?Adding Value? ? an important principle in the life of a travel agent. And it?s not just for More ...

Step Up and Stand For Something

 18th August 2016 by gihan

Step Up and Stand For Something

Great leaders aren?t afraid to stand for something that matters to them, even if it means being unpopular. They have a strong personal brand based on what they stand for, and built on two things: their expertise (what they know) and their More ...

Authority Marketing

 29th July 2016 by gihan


Are you a pushy promoter, a preferred supplier, a recognised expert, or a trusted authority? In this webinar, I show you how to leverage a published book to build your authority and attract business rather than chasing it.

In this webinar, I talked More ...

What Problem Will You Solve?

 12th July 2016 by gihan

What problem do you want to solve

Jaime Casap, Google’s Education Evangelist, said this:

“Don’t ask kids what they want to be when they grow up. Ask them what problem they want to solve.”

What problem do you want to solve (when you grow up)? Too More ...

The Halo Effect

 7th July 2016 by gihan


Your positioning in your marketplace ? how your ideal customers and clients view their relationship with you ? has a huge impact on your success. If you have low-level positioning, you?re constantly pushing hard to get noticed More ...

Customers: How to Have More of Them

 21st June 2016 by gihan

Get More Customers

I?ve just finished reading the book ?Disrupted?, the true-life story of Dan Lyons, a 50-year-old journalist who More ...

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10 Must-Do LinkedIn Ideas for Building Authority

 26th May 2016 by gihan

LinkedIn is one of the oldest social networks. It?s often not even mentioned when people talk about social media, but it is a social media platform. LinkedIn has added so many features recently that it?s easy to get confused about how it More ...