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Step Up and Stand For Something

 18th August 2016 by gihan

Step Up and Stand For Something

Great leaders aren?t afraid to stand for something that matters to them, even if it means being unpopular. They have a strong personal brand based on what they stand for, and built on two things: their expertise (what they know) and their More ...

How Much Writing Time Do You Really Need? (It’s Less Than You Think)

 18th May 2016 by gihan


Most speakers, trainers, and other thought leaders tell me they know the importance of blogging regularly, but most of them don’t do it!

Some people tell me they don?t have the time. Others say they don?t have enough new material. More ...

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It’s Amateur Hour on the Internet

 14th August 2015 by gihan

It's Amateur Hour on the Internet

My friend Melvin Yeo is a lawyer. And he’s an amateur.

I don?t mean he?s an amateur lawyer. Far from it ? he?s a highly-respected corporate lawyer who works for one of Australia?s leading companies. But that?s More ...

Content Marketing Success – All It Takes Is One Simple Move

 22nd July 2015 by gihan

Content Marketing Success - All It Takes Is One Simple Move

LinkedIn recently released their list of the most influential brands in Australia. Its rankings focussed on content marketing, and measured how well an organisation engages with its audience. The Australian Institute of Business was ranked #1, More ...

Be an Expert Adviser, Not a Pushy Salesperson

 29th June 2015 by gihan

When somebody goes to Google and they search for a topic, they?re asking themselves the question, ?How do I find out about xyz?? rather than, ?How do I buy something about xyz?? When they click on a link they More ...

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Real Estate Agents: Turn Your Letterbox Drops Into Client Magnets

 7th May 2015 by gihan

Real Estate Agents - Getting More Leads

Many real estate agents still use old-fashioned letterbox drops to promote their services. Why? Because they work! But are they working as well as they could? If your letterbox drop just announces that you?ve sold another house, it just More ...

Mortgage Brokers: Easy Video Marketing to Get More Business

 30th March 2015 by gihan

Mortgage Brokers: Easy Video Marketing to Get More Business

If you?re a mortgage broker, you know your clients are using the Internet for their research, and if you can demonstrate your expertise, they are more likely to choose you. One of your most powerful tools is online video (and yes, it?s More ...

How Travel Agents Can Use Free Webinars to Build Their Business

 12th March 2015 by gihan

How Travel Agents Can Use Free Webinars to Build Their Business

Many businesses run free webinars for marketing. You promote your webinar to as many people as possible, attract more people into your marketing funnel, conduct the webinar to promote something at the end (even if it?s just getting their More ...

Podcasting is Making a Comeback

 16th February 2015 by gihan

Podcasting for Personal Connections

In 2005, the New Oxford American Dictionary defined ?podcast? as its word of the year. But it?s taken almost a decade for podcasts to finally gain momentum. And that?s good news for you if you?re an expert, because More ...

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Leveraging Content – Turn One Idea Into Multiple Content Marketing Pieces

 4th November 2014 by gihan

One of the challenges of content marketing is having to keep creating and publishing new content. But you don’t have to always do that. It can be just as effective to convert one idea into multiple content marketing pieces. In this episode, More ...