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Authority Selling with Magnetic Messages

 11th May 2017 by gihan

Authority Selling with Magnetic Messages

In a crowded marketplace where sales meetings are getting shorter and buying cycles are getting longer, it?s becoming more difficult to cut through the clutter and sell with impact. In this webinar, I?ll show you how to use the power More ...

Customers: How to Have More of Them

 21st June 2016 by gihan

Get More Customers

I?ve just finished reading the book ?Disrupted?, the true-life story of Dan Lyons, a 50-year-old journalist who More ...

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The #1 Online Selling Mistake Even Smart Business Owners Make

 24th November 2014 by gihan

The #1 Online Selling Mistake Even Smart Business Owners Make

If you already have an offline business (selling either products or services) and are trying to sell online, you might be disappointed with the results you are getting online. The biggest reason is that your customers treat you differently.

I?ll More ...

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Are You Asking For What You Want?

 13th October 2014 by gihan

Are You Asking For What You Want?

I recently saw this sign on a tip jar at a cafe:

This is a great example of a business being very clear about what they want customers to do! Sure, it might offend a few people, but it?s obviously done in a light-hearted way that?s More ...

How Can You Keep Offering Incentives To Encourage Sales?

 2nd September 2014 by gihan

One of my clients was running a week-long seminar, and had a dilemma with her marketing campaign. She wrote to me asking for my advice:

?In our first campaign, there were $11,500 worth of bonuses as an incentive for people to sign up. This went More ...

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5 Easy Ways to Score More Referrals, Renewals, and Repeat Business

 19th August 2014 by gihan

5 Easy Ways to Score More Repeat, Referral and Renewal Business

I was speaking recently to a group of real estate professionals about how to use their Web site (and other online marketing tools) to get more repeat business, more referrals, and more renewals. Most people think online marketing is just about More ...

Where Are They in the Buying Process?

 17th June 2014 by gihan

I?ve often said that you should deliver high-quality content consistently to your market, to demonstrate your expertise and prove your ability to solve their problems. But what content do you deliver? Well, that depends where they are More ...

The Advanced Guide to Email Marketing for Property Management Companies

 23rd May 2014 by gihan

In the age of Smart-phones, social media and information overload, email is not only alive, but it?s the number one channel that consumers use most and it?s the number one channel they prefer to receive marketing communications from More ...

So Why DO Your Customers and Clients Choose You?

 10th April 2014 by gihan

Why do they choose you?

One of the reasons I like using outsourcing sites like Elance and oDesk is that I get to work with some amazing people from around the world.

I recently outsourced a job for somebody to edit some of my webinar recordings. As usual, there were a More ...

Why Nobody Is Buying From Your Web Site

 18th November 2013 by gihan

Why nobody is buying from you

So you?ve got a Web site, and you?ve been sending people to it. And when you check the stats, you see that people are coming to it (Yay!). But for some reason they don?t buy. They don?t contact you, they don?t More ...

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