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The Key to Success in a Customer-Centric World

 30th August 2016 by gihan

The Key to Success in a Customer-Centric World

Last week, I delivered the opening keynote at the annual TravelManagers conference in Bangkok. The theme of the conference was ?Adding Value? ? an important principle in the life of a travel agent. And it?s not just for More ...

What Problem Will You Solve?

 12th July 2016 by gihan

What problem do you want to solve

Jaime Casap, Google’s Education Evangelist, said this:

“Don’t ask kids what they want to be when they grow up. Ask them what problem they want to solve.”

What problem do you want to solve (when you grow up)? Too More ...

Give Them The “Lite“ Version

 5th January 2016 by gihan

Give Them Something "Lite"

Summer in Australia is a great time for live sporting events, and over the Christmas break, I went to see a Twenty20 cricket game and a Hopman Cup tennis match.

Both of these events are the ?lite? form of the game. Twenty20 cricket More ...

5 Easy Ways to Score More Referrals, Renewals, and Repeat Business

 19th August 2014 by gihan

5 Easy Ways to Score More Repeat, Referral and Renewal Business

I was speaking recently to a group of real estate professionals about how to use their Web site (and other online marketing tools) to get more repeat business, more referrals, and more renewals. Most people think online marketing is just about More ...

So Why DO Your Customers and Clients Choose You?

 10th April 2014 by gihan

Why do they choose you?

One of the reasons I like using outsourcing sites like Elance and oDesk is that I get to work with some amazing people from around the world.

I recently outsourced a job for somebody to edit some of my webinar recordings. As usual, there were a More ...

Learning Module: Will It Sell?

 21st February 2014 by gihan

The basic formula for business success has always been the same: Create a product that matters for a market that cares, and use marketing to match the market to the product. The problem is that most businesses fall in love with their products More ...

How Google Has Destroyed Your Business

 30th September 2013 by gihan

How the Internet has Destroyed Your Business

Way back in the 20th century, I used to run workshops to teach people how to find stuff on the Internet. At that time, there was no Google, and the leading search engines included Yahoo, Alta Vista and Ask Jeeves. In the first half of the workshop, More ...

Make More Sales By Solving the Right Problems

 27th June 2013 by gihan

Most businesses spend too much time talking about themselves on their Web site, and not enough time talking about their site visitors? problems. But even those that do try to address these problems sometimes don?t identify the real problems. More ...

Audience First!

 5th June 2013 by gihan


Some presentation skills coaches say that you should speak about something you?re passionate about. As important as it is to speak from your own passion, it?s far more important to speak about something that matches the audience?s More ...

Ask Your Customers What Products To Sell Them

 8th October 2012 by gihan

My marketing mentor used to say, “Ask your customers – they are already marketing experts in your industry!”

I saw this in practice recently on the Catch of the Day Web site, where they asked their subscribers to nominate which deal More ...