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5 Easy Ways to Score More Referrals, Renewals, and Repeat Business

 19th August 2014 by gihan

5 Easy Ways to Score More Repeat, Referral and Renewal Business

I was speaking recently to a group of real estate professionals about how to use their Web site (and other online marketing tools) to get more repeat business, more referrals, and more renewals. Most people think online marketing is just about More ...

Think Digital, Go Global

 3rd February 2014 by gihan

Think Digital, Go Global

Next week, the National Speakers Association of Australia is hosting its national convention in Melbourne. The theme is ?Going Global: Building a Powerful and Profitable Speaking More ...

Google’s philosophy: Webmasters are devious, but people are smart

 7th November 2013 by gihan

Thumbs Up

You might have heard that Google has changed its search ranking system ? yet again ? with its ?Hummingbird? update. Following on close on the heels of the ?Penguin? and ?Panda? updates, this has More ...

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Selling Outside the Square, by Bob Boog

 23rd August 2013 by gihan

This book tackles the art of sales by considering the psychological reasons that people buy. This isn?t a new concept (although the other seems to think it is), but it?s not often used in practice. It?s also just as useful for More ...

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People Are Smart, Webmasters Are Devious

 8th April 2013 by gihan

Wired World

If you have a Web site, you naturally want it to appear at the top of Google. Or, to be more accurate, you want it at the top when your ideal client searches Google, searching for an answer (that you can provide) to their problem. More ...

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Stop Chasing Passive Income!

 28th January 2013 by gihan

man relaxing in a hammock at the Caribbean beach

Don McLean, the writer of the hugely popular and mildly confusing song American Pie, was once asked, “But what does it mean?” His reply: “It means I don’t have to work any more.”

Ah, isn’t that the Internet dream!

The Internet holds More ...

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Book Review: Online Business: The Ultimate Guide To Building And Marketing Your Online Business With Free Tools, by Gabriela Taylor

 9th November 2012 by gihan

This is just one of many overview books about creating an online business. But what makes it different – and incredibly valuable – is that it’s full of links to some exceptional services and Web sites.

For example, the chapter More ...

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Evan Carmichael: Interview with Gihan Perera

 14th August 2012 by gihan

Evan Carmichael operates one of the most popular Web sites for entrepreneurs, and I have been a regular contributor of articles to his site.

He recently featured me in a guest interview, asking me questions about business and entrepreneurship. Here More ...

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The Secret to Success with Your On-Line Strategy: Experiment!

 16th May 2012 by gihan

Riley Science Experiment

I was recently helping my nine-year-old nephew Riley with a science experiment, which he was going to demonstrate in class the next day. It involved some weird combination of flour, baking soda, food colouring, straws and bottles, and we were More ...

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Did The Internet Change Your World While You Were Looking The Other Way?

 9th June 2011 by gihan

I’ve just published my book Fast, Flat and Free. The title is based on the three ways the Internet has changed the face of business:

  • The world is faster: Customers, clients and audiences are more demanding. They expect a faster turnaround, faster responses to their requests, and faster resolution to problems.
  • At the same time, we’re flattening hierarchies, barriers and structures: Your products can be built by a competitor in China; your services duplicated by a competitor using people from India; your customers are smarter, savvier and more sophisticated than ever before.
  • Finally, what used to cost a lot is now free – or almost free: Google takes away your expertise; low-cost competitors drive down your prices; and passionate amateurs trump paid professionals every time.

The good news is that these changes are perfect for us as business owners – as long as we do something More ...

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