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Learning Module: Will It Sell?

 21st February 2014 by gihan

The basic formula for business success has always been the same: Create a product that matters for a market that cares, and use marketing to match the market to the product. The problem is that most businesses fall in love with their products More ...

>Max Hitchins Knows How To Pick the Melbourne Cup Winner

 1st November 2011 by gihan

>Every year, on the first Tuesday in November, Australia’s most-famous horse race, the Melbourne Cup, is run. It’s known as “the race that stops a nation”, and indeed it almost literally does – as millions of Australians interrupt their day More ...

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Niche Guys Finish First

 27th July 2010 by gihan

I’ve been reading Toby Marshall’s excellent book “Small Business Internet Marketing”, and he says something that I completely agree with:

?If you don?t have a niche, don?t even think about SEO [search engine More ...

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Treat Your Business as a Boutique Experience

 22nd June 2010 by gihan

I was listening to recently a podcast from the Wharton Business School (they publish an excellent Web site Knowledge@Wharton), which was an interview with George Taber, More ...

One Web Site or Two?

 1st April 2010 by gihan

>I’ve recently had three conversations with three different clients about whether they need one Web site or two.

Typically the conversation starts by them saying it would be ?too cluttered? to have everything on one site. Fair enough More ...

>Turning features into benefits isn’t always the right thing to do

 30th January 2010 by gihan

>Quick quiz: If you stumbled across a business Web site and saw this as its tagline on the home page, what would you think the business does?

Turns out they sell e-mail marketing software. OK, raise your hand if you guessed that ? ? Hmmm More ...

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>How to find the absolute best clients to work with

 11th November 2009 by gihan

>Here’s a deceptively simple but extremely effective marketing idea:

Work with the people who want what you’ve got.

Notice that I didn?t say the people who need what you?ve got. There More ...

>Sell to people you like

 9th May 2009 by gihan

>The conventional marketing advice is to find people with a problem and then sell them a solution. That?s still good advice, but is it really fulfilling? One of my clients was at a conference of marketers with this attitude, and he described More ...

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A Cure For Which There’s No Known Disease

 9th April 2009 by gihan

I was doing some group mentoring last week, and we were looking at evaluating new products and services in order to make them more successful.

Broadly, the success of any new product or service depends on three things:

  1. Who will buy it – i.e. the market.
  2. What you are selling – i.e. the product (or service) itself.
  3. How you will sell it – i.e. the marketing.

Most of the people in the More ...

>The Barefoot Investor, by Scott Pape

 22nd February 2009 by gihan

>Scott Pape has built his brand around the title The Barefoot Investor. I enjoy reading his syndicated column of the same name in my Sunday newspaper, so I was interested in read his book.

This is definitely a book for starting out in investing, More ...

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