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Authority Marketing

 29th July 2016 by gihan


Are you a pushy promoter, a preferred supplier, a recognised expert, or a trusted authority? In this webinar, I show you how to leverage a published book to build your authority and attract business rather than chasing it.

In this webinar, I talked More ...

The Halo Effect

 7th July 2016 by gihan


Your positioning in your marketplace ? how your ideal customers and clients view their relationship with you ? has a huge impact on your success. If you have low-level positioning, you?re constantly pushing hard to get noticed More ...

Is Your Customer Experience Management Causing Complaints?

 12th May 2014 by gihan

Is your customer experience causing complaints?

Online review sites give customers the chance to have their say about their experiences ? good or bad ? with businesses. Many businesses hate those sites and complain that they paint a false picture of their customer experience. Are More ...

Build a Powerful Online Presence in Less Than One Hour a Week

 5th December 2013 by gihan

As social media continues to grow in popularity, smart business owners realize it’s an important marketing tool for their business. However, many of them are becoming increasingly worried about the amount of time it takes to engage actively More ...

Eagle Waves Radio – Online Positioning

 12th November 2013 by gihan

Personal branding and positioning

I was in Sydney recently for some keynote presentations and consulting, and I was invited by bureau owner and entrepreneur Debbie Carr to appear on her weekly BizHealth segment on Eagle Waves Radio. Their theme for the week was personal branding, More ...

Managing Your Online Reputation

 1st March 2013 by gihan

Reputation management expert Neryl East discusses how organisations should manage their online reputation in this more open, connected, and transparent world.

Listen to the episode here:

Download the MP3 file here

Managing Your Online Reputation – with Neryl East

Reputation management More ...

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20 Ways to Build Your Online Reputation in 10 Minutes a Day

 22nd August 2012 by gihan

Joining a network like Twitter or Facebook isn?t enough to build an on-line reputation; you have to participate in it as well. That?s obvious, but this is one area that worries some people, who think they need to spend all day on these More ...

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Booked Up! by Stephanie Chandler

 15th June 2012 by gihan

There are many books about how to write and publish a book, but this is one of the best I?ve read for speakers, trainers, consultants, thought leaders and eGurus. Why? Because it?s specifically about using a book as a positioning tool More ...

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Building Your Online Reputation

 2nd March 2012 by gihan

Building your on-line reputation and authority.

Listen to the episode here:

Download the MP3 file here

Feature Interview with Kirsten Hodgson

Kirsten Hodgson helps professional services firms to retain and grow existing clients and attract more of their ideal clients. In this More ...

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Stop All Your Social Media Marketing Right Now

 1st December 2011 by gihan

What would you do if you had to use social media every day, but weren’t allowed to do any marketing?

In other words, no boasting about your new book, no promoting events (even free events), no publishing testimonials from happy clients, no More ...

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