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The #1 Web Site Question That Makes You Richer

 7th April 2015 by gihan

The #1 Web Site Question That Makes You Richer

With all the hype about social media, it?s easy to forget the importance of your Web site. People might find you on social media, but your Web site is the last place they go before deciding to do business with you. So it?s more More ...

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How Medical Practices Can Build Greater Trust to Attract Patients

 12th February 2015 by gihan

How Medical Practices Can Build Greater Trust to Attract Patients

If you’re running a medical practice, you might see medical tourism as your mortal enemy, but there’s no denying that it’s a growing industry, and is even pioneering some innovative systems we can all learn from.

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How To Write the About Page For Your Web Site

 10th July 2014 by gihan

How To Write the About Page For Your Web Site

The ?About Us? (or ?About Me?, or ?Biography?, or ?The Team?, or whatever you choose to call it) page of your Web site is important, because people want to know they are dealing with real people More ...

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Web Site Success

 3rd July 2014 by gihan

Web sites might seem like such old technology, now that we have blogging, YouTube, social media, mobile apps, and so on. But that makes your Web site even more important than ever before. Even if people find you somewhere else, they will come More ...

How to write a sales letter to promote your webinar

 4th September 2013 by gihan

Cash And Smile

Many people struggle with writing an effective promotional blurb for a webinar, because they’re not used to writing marketing material. But if you’re going to run webinars regularly, this is an important skill to learn.

Luckily for More ...

Make More Sales By Being More Likeable

 29th August 2013 by gihan

Laughing Out Loud

People are influenced by people they like. You?re more likely to believe something somebody from your favoured political party says than the same statement from an opposition party. You?re more likely to believe friends than strangers. More ...

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Make More Sales By Making the First Move

 22nd August 2013 by gihan

The Law of Reciprocity

Even in this age when we?re all familiar with using the Internet daily, buying from a stranger?s Web site is a daunting process. Most Web sites do very little to make the site visitor feel comfortable, which means they are reluctant More ...

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Make More Sales By Keeping It Simple

 15th August 2013 by gihan


Most people prefer simplicity over complexity, and this applies in particular to your Web site. If your Web site is too complex and confusing, it can be costing you business, because most Web site visitors simply won?t go through a difficult More ...

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Make More Sales By Holding It Back

 8th August 2013 by gihan

Calendar Deadline

The scarcity principle says we place a higher value on something when it?s in limited supply. That?s why unique properties fetch higher prices at real estate auctions; why scalpers sell last-minute tickets at highly inflated prices; More ...

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Maximize Profits & Increase Online Sales, by Guillermo Puyol

 26th July 2013 by gihan

This is a detailed book about increasing sales on your Web site by monitoring, measuring and testing various things. If you’re interested in the nitty-gritty details of split-testing and measurement, this is an excellent book.

Puyol starts More ...

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