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Recommended Podcast: Fit for the Future

 8th December 2016 by gihan

This is my own podcast, aimed at leaders – within organisations and those who run their own businesses – to help them become future-proof and fit for the future.

The podcast is a mix of interviews, conversations with my friend Chris More ...

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Book Review: The Future of the Professions

 25th November 2016 by gihan


This book is a fascinating glimpse into the future of expertise. It looks at the traditional professions (such as law, accounting, and medicine) and widens the field by adding others such as divinity, journalism, and management consulting.

The More ...

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Recommended Podcast: The Future of Work

 18th November 2016 by gihan


In this excellent podcast, Jacob Morgan interviews key business leaders – including CEOs, CHROs, Learning & Development managers, and business owners – about the future of work. His interviews cover a broad range of topics about More ...

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Recommended Podcast: TED Radio Hour

 4th November 2016 by gihan


If you enjoy watching TED Talks, but lament the fact that you don’t have time to watch them all, you will love this podcast. Each episode takes one topic – such as big data, time management, trust, design and optimism – and explores More ...

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Recommended Podcast: HBR Ideacast

 21st October 2016 by gihan


Each episode of this podcast from Harvard Business Review features an interview with a Harvard academic, the author of a new book, or some other authority on some aspect of business. As you would expect from the Harvard Business Review, the interview More ...

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Recommended Podcast: Exponential Wisdom

 14th October 2016 by gihan


In this podcast, billionaire investor and futurist Peter Diamandis teams up with master coach Dan Sullivan to discuss future trends and technologies – including automation, innovation, healthcare technology, the Internet of Things, and so More ...

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Meetings Made Easy – Free Webinar Next Week

 6th October 2016 by gihan

Meetings Made Easy: 5 Ways To Get What You Want

Meetings cost organisations thousands of dollars in lost productivity every year. The problem is not with the meeting itself, but with the way the meeting is run. The good news is that it doesn’t take much to organise, chair or participate More ...

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Recommended Podcast: Freakonomics

 30th September 2016 by gihan


This podcast is hosted by Steve Levitt, one of the co-authors of the best-selling “Freakonomics” books. The tag line for the book is “the hidden side of everything”, and that applies equally to this podcast. In each episode, More ...

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Recommended Podcast: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

 16th September 2016 by gihan


Every year, the students at Stanford University have the privilege of attending a series of lectures presented by leading entrepreneurs, socialpreneurs and business leaders. Because of Stanford’s location in California, many of the presenters More ...

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Power Play, by Yamini Naidu

 29th April 2016 by gihan


Here’s a book that is so compelling you will finish it in a single sitting, but so powerful you will want to read over and over again for its insights.

Yamini Naidu explores different kinds of power for leaders to use for greater influence More ...

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