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Contagious – by Jonah Berger

 13th December 2013 by gihan


This book is a fascinating and practical look into the psychology of influence. In particular, as the title suggests, it looks at why ideas catch on and spread.

Berger presents six key principles – which he summarises with the acronym STEPPS: More ...

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Remote – by Jason Fried

 6th December 2013 by gihan


The first chapter of this book is titled “The Time is Right for Remote Work”, and that’s a neat summary. In the book, Fried lays out the argument for greater acceptance and adoption of remote work.

I co-authored the book More ...

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Folding Time – by Neen James

 22nd November 2013 by gihan

Folding Time

There are many books about time management, productivity and getting things done – and this is one of the best. Neen James provides a contemporary, practical approach that really works.

She says time management is dead, and we need to focus More ...

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