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When I first started my business, most speakers, trainers, consultants and thought leaders delivered one-off face-to-face programs – keynotes, training courses, coaching sessions or facilitated meetings. A few – the smart few – complemented their programs with electronic products, but they were in the minority.

Now it's the other way around. Clients and audiences expect more than just a keynote, just a training workshop or just a coaching session. It's fast becoming the norm that you'll send your audience a pre-event survey before your keynote, or offer a follow-up webinar to your training course, or provide password-protected resources for your coaching clients. If you don't offer this form of "e-learning", you'll fall behind other competitors who do offer this and more.

Why e-learning is not just an option, but a necessity.

There are five key reasons why you should be adding e-learning options to your business now – not just because they're attractive, but because they're now essential:

  1. Clients expect more. In the past, you could be a "hit and run" presenter, who waltzes in, delivers a keynote, acknowledges the standing ovation, and leaves. That's no longer an option. Clients expect you to deliver more – much more – than just your standard face-to-face time with them. If you don't deliver it, they'll find somebody else who will.
  2. The world is flat. In Thomas Friedman's book of this name, he talks about the rising middle class throughout the world. These are the people who can create and deliver the same value you deliver, but do it faster, cheaper and more effectively with e-learning.
  3. The tools are accessible. Even amateurs can create blogs, YouTube videos, on-line forums, even entire e-learning sites. Yes, they are amateurs, and some of their products are amateurish. But your clients don't necessarily see it that way. Rather, they see other people offering e-learning technology, and wonder why you don't.
  4. Your speaking fee is insignificant. You know how you're always struggling to get clients to accept your fee? In fact, your fee is insignificant when compared with the cost of the lost productivity of their people who attend your events. E-learning allows them to learn from their office desks – and sometimes even their homes. This productivity gain is worth many times more than what they pay you.
  5. You won't be seen as serious. When I first started showing clients how to use e-learning technology, 12 years ago, it was a significant point of difference and a strong selling point. Now it's significant if you don't offer it – and a strong point against you.

The eGurus Community

If you're a member of the eGurus Community, there are many resources in the eGurus Vault about building profitable information products. You get instant access to e-books, webinar recordings, audio programs, articles, and workbooks; as well as access to Gihan for individual assistance where required.

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The Profitable Information Products Package

If you’re a speaker, trainer, coach or other thought leader, you’re sitting on a gold mine of value that you can turn into profitable information products. Also, clients and audiences expect pre- and post-learning material to complement your in-person keynotes, courses and sessions. If you don’t offer this form of “e-learning”, you’ll fall behind other competitors who do offer this and more.

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Online Course: LeverageU – Profitable Information Products

This six-part program will help you build profitable information products (and services) that add value to your existing presentations. It includes products such as webinars, online courses, video, audio, and other visuals; and services, such as online coaching and mentoring, and interviewing.

This course is available to members of the eGurus Community.

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Consulting: E-Learning Program

Many speakers and trainers want to deliver their material on-line, but don't know how to do it effectively. It's not enough to just turn a training program into an on-line course or a keynote presentation into a webinar. You must get your strategy right, and create a program that delivers material in a variety of ways to match different learning styles and audience needs. This three-month program helps you identify your most important e-learning products, and shows you how to roll them out to create a high-quality e-learning program.

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E-Book: Spin One Idea Into Dozens of Products

It’s easy to create multiple products from one idea. In this e-book, I show you how to look at a product from six different angles, so you can spin off other products from it. By combining these angles, you’ll be able to create dozens of products easily from one starting point.

Webinar Recording: Your Online Products Strategy

Deliver more value, create a greater impact, and boost your profits by creating information products to expand your speaking, training, coaching and consulting offerings. In this webinar, I’ll help you build your strategy for 2014, so you can choose the right products for your market, and create a realistic plan for creating them.

Webinar Recording: Eight Ways to Create Compelling Online Experiences

It’s no longer good enough to sell just products or services. Products can be outsourced to China and services can be outsourced to India, but nobody can duplicate the experiences you create for your customers and clients. This is especially true for online experiences, because your clients are just one click away from going somewhere else if they don’t like the experience. In this webinar, I’ll show you eight easy ways to create better online experiences around your products and services.

Webinar Recording: How Google Has Destroyed Your Business

Travel agents, book shops, and other retail businesses are not the only people who are being threatened by the online world. Google has made it so much easier for people to find information, insights and even inspiration. If you're a thought leader, speaker or other educator, is YOUR business under threat? In this webinar, I'll help you identify the biggest online threats to your business, and show you how to turn them to your advantage.