As an expert in your field, are you giving yourself enough time to focus on your expertise? Or are you wasting time doing other tasks in your business … tasks that should really be done by somebody else? It can be very tempting to do some of these tasks yourself — especially when you know that you can do them in a fraction of the time it would take somebody else. But that’s a common trap! And it can get you caught in a time-consuming, energy-sapping, costly routine.

I'm not just talking about administrative and secretarial work – although this certainly applies to those tasks as well. I'm talking about some of the other peripheral things that are required in delivering your expertise. Things like:

  • Proofreading and editing written material
  • Editing audio recordings
  • Transcribing recordings
  • Designing better-looking PowerPoint slides
  • Web page layout
  • Designing workbooks and handouts

Outsource instead!

If you've ever fallen into this trap, there's light at the end of the tunnel – and it's called (or,, or a number of other similar services). Elance is one of a number of Web sites where you can list your projects, and a bunch of eager beavers will bid enthusiastically to do this work for you.

Elance brings together suppliers and customers from all around the world. Not only do you get to pick from many suppliers, you also get highly skilled people offering their services. Even if you have used local providers in the past, it's worth considering Elance for your next job.

The eGurus Community

If you're a member of the eGurus Community, there are many resources in the eGurus Vault about building profitable information products – including outsourcing. You get instant access to e-books, webinar recordings, audio programs, articles, and workbooks; as well as access to Gihan for individual assistance where required.

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