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It's 25 years since the birth of PowerPoint, and it's been both one of the most poorly-used business tools as well as one of the best. If you're using it in your presentations, you're probably doing it better than 95% – or even more – than most PowerPoint users. After all, they might be smart business people, but they are mostly amateurs at presentation skills.

You might be using it for your live presentations, but are you using PowerPoint (or Keynote on a Mac) for e-marketing and e-learning? In other words, are you using it to get more business and to serve your clients and audiences more effectively? If you're not doing this, you really should!

I'll give you three quick examples …

1. A conference presentation

When I spoke at the Thought Leaders conference in Sydney, I wanted to publish my presentation on-line. I did get the video footage, which was good enough for understanding the message, but I wasn't happy with the production quality. Instead of discarding it altogether, I took the slide show and merged it with the audio track to create an on-line presentation. You can watch it here:

2. Promoting an e-book

Even without the audio, you can still have impact with just a slide presentation. Sue-maree McEnearney does this with an educational slide show that promotes one of her e-books:

3. Adding visuals to an audio product

Another slide show was an enhancement to an episode of the Focal Point podcast, an audio newsletter my friend Chris and I create every two weeks. We'd recorded and published the podcast already, so we already had the audio track. I then added some slides to give it visual appeal, and uploaded it to a slide show site:

This was so effective that it was rated one of their "Top Presentations of the Day"!

You can even make your slide shows private.

All of these examples are public slide shows, because we're using them for marketing purposes. You can imagine doing the same thing, but making the slide shows private. In this case, you're offering them only to selected people who have a password.

This has a number of uses – for example:

  • Creating private slide shows for members of your membership site
  • Sending your slides to an audience who saw you speak
  • Developing paid e-courses and other e-learning products

So what are YOU doing to leverage PowerPoint?

Whether you're putting PowerPoint on-line for e-marketing or e-learning, don't miss the opportunity!

It's much easier to do than professional quality video, and you've already got the skills to create high-quality slide shows. Now use those skills to get more value from them – either for promoting your business or for creating high-quality material.

The eGurus Community

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