It's easy to get confused by all the things that you hear people say about making money with the Internet. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Analytics, blogging, shopping carts, e-zines … It's all too much!

Let me simplify this for you …

There are – fundamentally – only four ways to use your Web site to increase your income:

  1. Lead: You bring more traffic to the site.
  2. Sell: You persuade more of those people to buy from you.
  3. More: You increase the amount of each transaction.
  4. Again: You make repeat sales to those customers.

That's the Web Marketing Pipeline:

In other words, your job is to sell more things to more people more often for more money.

The big mistake

Most Web site owners make the mistake of trying to focus too much on the first of these four steps – i.e. getting more traffic. They obsess about Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and every other new Bright Shiny Object that comes their way. And they try to use these tools to drive traffic to their Web site:

Why is this a mistake? Because it's hard work. Sure, it works – but it takes work. A lot of work.

Here's a better way …

Rather than obsessing about getting more traffic, turn your attention instead to converting the traffic you do get:

It's absolutely true that if you get more traffic, chances are you'll make more sales. But it's also true that if you were able to improve the conversion rate of the people you're already getting, then you'll also make more sales. It's often much easier to improve the conversion rate than it is to get more visitors to the site, and it's also much more cost effective.

The good thing about converting people on your Web site is that conversion rates are pretty low in general. I bet you're not convincing even 1% of your site visitors to take action.

But don't be disheartened! If you're getting a 1% conversion rate, you have 99 people out of 100 not buying. Believe it or not, this is good news! If you can reduce that to just 98, you just doubled your whole conversion rate, which means that you've doubled your profits, you've doubled your sales, you've doubled everything.

Compare that with trying to get twice as much traffic to your site!

The eGurus Community

If you're a member of the eGurus Community, there's a section of the eGurus Vault with resources about Web site conversion. Start by reading the e-book "Make More Sales" or watching the webinar "Promoting Your Products and Services On-Line".

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Webinar Recording: Promote Your Products and Services On-Line

Your Web site is an essential part of your marketing mix – it's where most potential clients come before they choose to contact you. But some Web sites are too pushy in their marketing, and that loses them business. On the other hand, you do need to lead your Web site visitors through a path to convince them to take action. In this webinar I'll show you how to promote your products and services appropriately on your Web site, so you're informative without being intrusive, and persuasive without being pushy.

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Webinar Recording: Selling Using PayPal

PayPal used to be a bit clumsy, and only used by amateur eBay sellers. But it's cleaned up its act, and is now a highly professional payment system. In this webinar I'll show you how to link your Web site to PayPal, not just for simple product orders but also for e-book downloads and recurring subscriptions (e.g. for a membership site).

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Webinar Recording: Taking On-Line Registrations with Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a low-cost service that makes it easy for you to take registrations for both free and paid events. It's a brilliant service that includes things like multiple ticket prices, early bird cut-off dates, discount codes, affiliate links, promoting on social media sites, and much more. In this tutorial webinar, I demonstrate how to set up Eventbrite and link it to your Web site.

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Webinar Recording: Writing for the Web

Most Web sites are boring to read because they are too formal, too focussed on themselves or don't provide enough relevant information for the reader. By learning to write simple, clear and easily-readable Web pages, you'll engage your readers immediately, keep their interest while they are reading, and encourage them to take the action you desire.

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E-Book: Make More Sales

Turn browsers into buyers. Many Web site owners focus on generating more visitors to their site, but don't do enough to convert these leads into sales. Increasing your conversion rate can sometimes be easier, faster and cheaper than generating more traffic; and it can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line.

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E-Book: Reach New Markets

Expand your sales force. Many businesses realise the power of affiliate marketing – using other people to sell your products and services to their customers, for a commission. Unfortunately, most affiliate marketing campaigns fail. Learn the key principles for building an effective, sustainable affiliate marketing system that extends your marketing reach, generates a steady stream of new sales, and boosts your profit margins.

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