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After all the fuss with Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms over the last couple of years, it's interesting to see that the humble Web site is making a comeback. Why? Because business owners realise their Web site is their most powerful lead conversion tool. You might use other things for lead generation – in other words, getting traffic to your Web site – but it's your Web site that converts them from "just looking" to "ready to do business".

Internet marketing expert Avinash Kaushik puts it beautifully like this:

"Don’t write cheques with Social Media that your Web site can't cash."

So what goes into a high-quality Web site?

The secret is to understand that everybody who visits your Web site is asking four key questions:

  1. Why this? What are the benefits for me?
  2. Why you? What is your authority to make these claims?
  3. Why now? What is the urgency for me to take action?
  4. Why me? Why is this the right fit for me?

They need to answer all four questions before they will be willing to buy (whatever "buying" means for your business – e.g. buying a product, phoning you, booking a date, registering for an event, …).

So put yourself in your Web site visitor's shoes, sit in front of their desk, take control of their mouse, and visit your Web site with their frame of mind.

Consulting: Web Site Review

Is your Web site achieving the results that you would like? If not, there might be a few simple things that you can do to improve its performance. The report covers more than 160 checklist items, but you won't just get a Pass/Fail for each item. Instead, I'll give you specific recommendations for how to improve the site. Where appropriate, I'll also give you additional material to help you. The purpose of this review is to help you build a Web site that works for your business! I want to help you focus your time, money and effort on the things that matter.

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First Step Communications: Building Your Web Site

If you're an "infopreneur" – a professional speaker, trainer, coach, consultant, author, service professionals, or other information expert – we can install an Internet marketing system for your business. This is more than just a Web site – it's a plan to establish your Internet footprint, so you can demonstrate your expertise and build your reputation.

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The eGurus Community

If you're a member of the eGurus Community, there's a section of the eGurus Vault with resources about using social media effectively. Start with the slide deck on that page for an overview.

If you're not an eGurus member, find out about membership at

E-Book: The Busy Entrepreneur’s Guide to Making More Sales on Your Web Site

Most of the advice you see about Internet marketing is about getting more traffic to your Web site. But that’s not always the easiest – and most profitable – way to generate more sales. If you focus instead on how to do more with the traffic you’re already getting, you can often get better results from the time and money you put into your Internet marketing efforts. In brief, this book is about how to be more persuasive on your Web site. It’s about understanding the psychology of your site visitor, and using that when writing the words for your site.

This is for you if you are launching a Web site, or launching a new product or service, or not getting enough sales from your Web site, or planning a new marketing campaign. It’s also for you if you’re BUSY running your business, and don’t have time to become an Internet marketer! So you need some simple things you can do to improve your results – without taking a lot of time, and without needing technical skills.

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E-book: The Seven Fatal Mistakes Business Owners Make With Their Web Sites

Any fool can create a Web site. And many fools do. There are millions of business Web sites on the Internet. And most of them don’t work. Fortunately, yours can be different. It is possible to build a profitable Web site that helps you grow and develop your business, rather than sucking money out of it and causing you endless headaches and frustration.

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E-book: Web Sites for Speakers, Trainers, Coaches and Consultants

The truth is, most experts' Web sites cost money and lose money. This book shows you how to build a Web site that makes money for you. It's not about selling directly from your Web site. Rather, it's about building a Web site that supports your business by promoting, selling and complementing what you do in the "real world".

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Get Active! Why Most Speaker Web Sites Fail

How do you move your business from active income to passive income? The secret is to build a Web site that first supports your active income, rather than trying to build a passive income source up front. Learn the strategy and avoid the traps in this e-book.

Online Course: Web Site Success for Infopreneurs

Most infopreneurs' Web sites are cluttered. But if you've already got a Web site, don't throw it away! You might just have to tweak it here and there to get big results. In this free on-line course, every two weeks we'll look at one aspect of an effective infopreneur's Web site, and I'll give you some things to check on your own site to discover whether you're doing it right.

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Webinar Recording: The Biggest Mistake Web Site Owners Make

This webinar looks at the biggest mistake on most Web sites – and how to avoid it. Learn how to understand your customer's frame of mind and lead them on a path through your site, to increase your conversion rate and turn more visitors into customers. Based on the Set Buying Frames chapter in my book Fast, Flat and Free.

Webinar Recording: The 15 Essential Components of a Thought Leader's Web Site

Social media is all the rage, but your Web site is still important – it's where people come to you when they decide they want to do business with you. This is especially important for Thought Leaders and other infopreneurs, because your clients expect your Web site to demonstrate your thought leadership and expertise.

There are hundreds of things you can do on your Web site to position yourself and your thought leadership, but not all of them are effective. In this webinar, I'll share the 15 key components that every Thought Leader needs on their Web site.