Log In HereIf you’re a business owner or business leader, you know your clients and customers now have more power than ever before. To stand out, you have to position yourself and your business as an authority. The eGurus Community shows you how.

There are plenty of places where you can get advice on how to use the Internet. But lack of information isn't the problem. In fact, the problem is that there's too much information, and it’s not easy to know what’s most relevant, most effective and most profitable.

That's where the eGurus Community comes in …

In brief, the eGurus Community helps you leverage your expertise online.

You get access to resources in a variety of formats – including webinars, e-books, articles, Web sites, audio downloads, special reports and more. I have developed many of these resources myself, and personally reviewed and chosen the others, so you get what works and aren’t distracted by what isn’t right for you.

What You Get as a Member

  • Social Media and Online Marketing

    Social Media and Online Marketing

    Build your online footprint as an expert and authority

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  • Creating Profitable Products

    Creating Information Products

    Turn your expertise into information products that add value and generate income

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  • Your Web Site

    Your Web Site

    Build a Web site that turns visitors into clients and adds value to your current clients

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  • Productivity and Performance

    Productivity and Performance

    Goal setting, productivity and high performance in a busy world

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  • Leadership


    Managing and leading by leveraging the power of your people

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  • Gihan and the Community

    Gihan and the Community

    Access to Gihan and the rest of the eGurus Community

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“I’ve been a member of Gihan’s eGurus community for several years. His material has frequently been ahead of what I was using and that makes it wonderful because when I’m ready, the great information is already available. Although we’re time zones and continents apart, I join live sessions whenever possible. eGurus is one of the best investments I’ve made to move my business forward.”
— Garth Roberts

Who is it for?

The eGurus Community is for leaders: business leaders, business owners, and thought leaders:

  • Business leaders: You’re a leader or manager who wants to leverage the potential of your team members, yourself, and people in your network.
  • Business owners: You want to position yourself and your business as an authority in solving your customer’s problems.
  • Thought leaders: You’re a speaker, trainer, coach, consultant, author or other infopreneur who makes money from sharing your expertise.

"I have been a member of the eGurus community for just over a week now and have used the resources every day. What's more, one tip alone has already saved me at least my annual membership fee, which makes the membership already a great return of investment. There is a wealth of information in the vault that can easily be used and create instant results and a bottom line impact to for my business. Thank-you Gihan!"
— Emma Weber, Vivat,

Video testimonial from Cris Popp:

Why me?

In brief: Because I love this stuff and I'm good at it!

I've been working with business leaders, business owners, and thought leaders in Australia and elsewhere since 1997.

I’m a speaker, consultant and author myself. I speak for money. I present 10-12 webinars a month. I attend – and speak at – speaker's conferences. I'm an active member of Thought Leaders, was one of the founding mentors, and now one of the few "Thought Leaders Ambassadors".

Most importantly, this is what I love to do! I spend more time in an average week supporting the eGurus Community than doing anything else. I do this by finding resources for you, preparing and presenting webinars, doing phone consulting, supporting the special interest groups, creating video tutorials, writing e-books, recording podcasts, and so on.

This is what I would do even if I wasn't being paid to do it!

“I was initially unsure about joining eGurus, however it has already saved me hours (or days) in the build up to doing some interviews. It’s a steep learning curve to get across some of the tech, but your info is super accessible, well organised and is short cutting much of the learning process. Thanks so much.”
— Mike House

Why is this more important now than ever before?

Because of the Internet, this is the best time in history to be a business owner or business leader. It's easier than ever to reach more people, deliver products and services in different ways, and do it more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

But if you don't do it right, the Internet can be your biggest threat. Other smart, talented, innovative people are chasing your clients, customers and prospective customers. That's why it's so important to take action now.