The Future of Leadership

Our fast-moving, dynamic, customer-centric world needs a new kind of leadership. The best leaders now are authorities in their own right, leverage the power of their team members, and engage their wider community. Your team members are smart, talented, innovative, and savvy people. They want leaders who are mentors, not just managers; teams with purpose, not just profit; and work that gives meaning, not just money. They want leaders who will help them shine. This book is for you if you’re that kind of leader.

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Fast, Flat and Free

Do you know the Internet has changed your business, but you don't know how? Unfortunately, most businesses don't know the rules have changed. They think Internet marketing is about branding, hype, advertising, mass markets, needs, traffic, transactions, copywriting and better products and services. It's not. It's about personality, value, reputation, niches, wants, communities, connectexpecions, buying frames and better experiences. If you're a business owner, you must change your business to stay ahead. This book shows you what has changed, and helps you create a practical strategy to take advantage of the incredible opportunities.

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Webinar Smarts

Would you like to successfully use webinars in your business, but you're not sure how? Or perhaps you're intimidated by the technology? The fact is, webinars can be one of your most powerful marketing and presentation tools – if you know how to run them properly. If you're a speaker, trainer, consultant, coach, thought leader or other infopreneur, you must know how to use this cutting-edge technology to deliver your material to new and existing clients.

My book "Webinar Smarts" covers nearly everything you need to know about taking your expert knowledge – the material you already deliver day in, day out – and delivering it by webinar.

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Channelling Chaos

In our highly-connected, “always on”, 24/7 world, the old rules of goal setting, productivity and time management don’t work. Our goals become meaningless when the environment changes, it’s difficult to stay productive when we’re constantly interrupted, globally dispersed teams make meetings impossible, and the 9-to-5 workday just doesn’t make sense anymore. Instead of trying to fight against this chaos and restore order, harness it to work for you.

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